Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How she has grown!

It seems like just yesterday that I was toting Miriam around as a baby! Now she is so independent at 2yrs 4mths! I have so many mixed feelings about her being so independent! At times, I'm like yes...I can cook as she cooks in her kitchen. Then at other times i'm like...but don't you need mommy sweet pea?? And her answer most of the time is " No, mommy! I want to do it!" I know how that each day that passes she will gain more independence but I do love the days and cherish the times she lets me do things for her!

I mean I remember this age:
She was about 3mths here! I did everything for her!

Then here:
Here at 11mths, she could do alot more on her own,
like crawl, stand and eat finger foods!

Then by this age she could walk on her own!

So, today as I was getting her from the gym nursery I just realized, WOW, this little girl has a huge part of my heart! I'm so glad God has blessed with such a precious gift that gives me daily reminders that I am loved. She really touches my heart everyday by the words she says, actions she does and just by being the child of God she already is! Being a mother is one of God's greatest gifts to me! I couldn't imagine life without this sweet little girl. I'm very grateful that I get to spend everyday with her!

This is my princess now:

I just can't believe how big she is already! I can't wait to share many more years of joy with her!

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Jennifer said...

You little princess is just a beautiful! You are right....such a blessing from God. We are praying for our own little blessing. :o)