Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How she has grown!

It seems like just yesterday that I was toting Miriam around as a baby! Now she is so independent at 2yrs 4mths! I have so many mixed feelings about her being so independent! At times, I'm like yes...I can cook as she cooks in her kitchen. Then at other times i'm like...but don't you need mommy sweet pea?? And her answer most of the time is " No, mommy! I want to do it!" I know how that each day that passes she will gain more independence but I do love the days and cherish the times she lets me do things for her!

I mean I remember this age:
She was about 3mths here! I did everything for her!

Then here:
Here at 11mths, she could do alot more on her own,
like crawl, stand and eat finger foods!

Then by this age she could walk on her own!

So, today as I was getting her from the gym nursery I just realized, WOW, this little girl has a huge part of my heart! I'm so glad God has blessed with such a precious gift that gives me daily reminders that I am loved. She really touches my heart everyday by the words she says, actions she does and just by being the child of God she already is! Being a mother is one of God's greatest gifts to me! I couldn't imagine life without this sweet little girl. I'm very grateful that I get to spend everyday with her!

This is my princess now:

I just can't believe how big she is already! I can't wait to share many more years of joy with her!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Family Friday!

Our honeymoon!

Well this past weekend Nathan and I had our 6th wedding anniversary! It amazes me how time passes by so fast! It feels like just yesterday I went on my first date with him! Which that was over 10yrs ago already. We've have had so many memories and experiences over this awesome 6yrs and I'm so excited for what God has in store for us in the future.

Nathan has brought so much joy to my life! He is an amazing Godly leader of our family and I pray that our sweet Mimi finds a guy just like her daddy one day! (not for 35yrs though, right?)!
Not only has he brought joy directly to my life but to Miriam's life also! It makes me smile so big to watch her face when daddy walks in the room, or daddy chases after her. She has an amazing love for the man I am madly in love with!

A true blessing, which we probably take advantage of, is that Nathan LOVES to sing and play the guitar! Everyone who knows him understands his passion to lead people to a deeper worship experience with the Lord! So, between him and Miriam playing guitars and singing ( she wants to be just like daddy, Microphone and all) I am always entertained. This is another reason he brings joy and love to my life! His passion for worshipping the Lord! Our house always has live music playing, wow! Blessed!

I could go on and on about how awesome of a husband and father he is but I'm going to save some of that for a later blog! So, I will tell you about our date night!

Nathan and I have crazy, crazy schedule between me working some nights and some days, and him working the same! So, we don't always get to go out on dates as much as we would like. We usually stay home together as a family and have movie night with Miriam in our bed! She thinks this is the biggest treat ever! But for our anniversary we decided we were going to go eat dinner at a nice restaurant in town called Flemings! Yum-o!

So, we got all dolled up, dropped Miriam off to Pop and Gran (Nathan's parents) and headed for dinner! This was a wonderful experience! It's a dark atmosphere, nice and quiet, so we had a great night and great conversation as we enjoyed some wonderful calamari for an appetizer!

But my favorite part was the entree'!! Since working at a fine dining restaurant through college I love nice food! So, Nathan had the filet with a side of lamb chop and I had the petit filet with crabmeat on top! Wow was it wonderful! We shared a side of Fleming's potatoes and sauteed mushrooms!(hungry thinking about it)! The whole dining experience was about 2 hours.

I was stuffed but was craving cheesecake! So, we headed to cheesecake bistro to grab a piece to go! I definitely ordered my favorite, Oreo Cheesecake! YUMMY!! But I ended up being way too full to eat it until breakfast, yes...breakfast! I couldn't let it sit any longer!

So, we had an amazing 6th anniversary together! Simple but sweet. I'm so excited for what the next 50+ years will bring to our marriage and I couldn't think of anyone else I would want to spend the rest of my life with! He truly is amazing!
Until Next time!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beginning to blog!

So, I just realized today that I have failed to blog in a month or more. Since this is something new to me, it hasn't become habit yet! But what has become habit is reading everyone else's blogs! That is prob why I don't actually write! I get on here thinking i'm going to post something and end up reading about fun new crafty ideas and tutorials! So, my new goal is to post a few times a week! About what is happening in our lives, especially sweet Miriam as she is growing up so fast!

Today, we were driving home from Chick-fil-a (our normal Wednesday lunch playdate!) and Miriam is playing with something in her carseat. She then says "Mommy, do you see my lizard on my arm?" I was thinking WHAT, THERE IS A LIZARD?? Then she tells me this story about her pet lizard who is dead on her arm as she is laughing I realize she is just playing. I was amazed at her little imagination! She shows me multiple times a day how awesome of a story teller she is! I hope to share many of these moments with you as they come up! Pictures to come soon!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Pics from this weekend...more to come!

She was trying to be funny!! Sweet girl!

My beautiful princess!

Family Reunion Weekend!

We had a busy weekend with the Landry/Reynerson family reunion. Miriam met lots of new people and had a blast with her cousins! She was really excited that her older cousin Maggie came in from Kentucky! They are so cute together and get along great! Maggie is a great babysitter :)! So, our busy weekend was Friday night eating at Sammy's in Central and then all day Saturday at the Boyscout Camp Avondale in Clinton, La.

Miriam had a blast playing in the baby pool we brought and was worn out by 8pm when we left! So worn out that she woke up from 2am-5am Sunday morning because she said she had a bug in her bed. Well, mommy was worn out after that little party in the middle of the night. She was a sweet girl though and just laid next to us(which she has never slept in our bed!), and finally I put her back in her bed at 4:45am! She slept until 9am!~ Whew! We had a great afternoon around the house and enjoyed church last night at The Ring Community Church! Miriam attended her first sunday school class! So big now! I will keep you posted on our summer so stay tuned!