Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beginning to blog!

So, I just realized today that I have failed to blog in a month or more. Since this is something new to me, it hasn't become habit yet! But what has become habit is reading everyone else's blogs! That is prob why I don't actually write! I get on here thinking i'm going to post something and end up reading about fun new crafty ideas and tutorials! So, my new goal is to post a few times a week! About what is happening in our lives, especially sweet Miriam as she is growing up so fast!

Today, we were driving home from Chick-fil-a (our normal Wednesday lunch playdate!) and Miriam is playing with something in her carseat. She then says "Mommy, do you see my lizard on my arm?" I was thinking WHAT, THERE IS A LIZARD?? Then she tells me this story about her pet lizard who is dead on her arm as she is laughing I realize she is just playing. I was amazed at her little imagination! She shows me multiple times a day how awesome of a story teller she is! I hope to share many of these moments with you as they come up! Pictures to come soon!

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Janee said...

Yay for an update!