Monday, June 29, 2009

Pics from this weekend...more to come!

She was trying to be funny!! Sweet girl!

My beautiful princess!

Family Reunion Weekend!

We had a busy weekend with the Landry/Reynerson family reunion. Miriam met lots of new people and had a blast with her cousins! She was really excited that her older cousin Maggie came in from Kentucky! They are so cute together and get along great! Maggie is a great babysitter :)! So, our busy weekend was Friday night eating at Sammy's in Central and then all day Saturday at the Boyscout Camp Avondale in Clinton, La.

Miriam had a blast playing in the baby pool we brought and was worn out by 8pm when we left! So worn out that she woke up from 2am-5am Sunday morning because she said she had a bug in her bed. Well, mommy was worn out after that little party in the middle of the night. She was a sweet girl though and just laid next to us(which she has never slept in our bed!), and finally I put her back in her bed at 4:45am! She slept until 9am!~ Whew! We had a great afternoon around the house and enjoyed church last night at The Ring Community Church! Miriam attended her first sunday school class! So big now! I will keep you posted on our summer so stay tuned!